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Single Seater ::

As close to F1 as you will get!

Single Seater
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Single Seater Thrill
Single Seater Experience - from £99 (Weekdays & Weekends)...
From: £89.00
Ex Tax: £74.17
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Single Seater Thrill for 2 People
Single Seater for 2 People - now just £99
2 drivers for the price of 1! (Weekdays & Weekends)...
From: £179.00 £89.00
Ex Tax: £74.17
Additional Information::

The origins of Formula Ford began in the early 1960s, where motor racing schools such as the Jim Russell school and Motor Racing Stables featured single seat Formula Junior and Formula Three-like machines from world class constructors like Cooper and Lotus. Many aspiring Formula One stars looked to these schools in the hope of learning the craft and also looking the part.