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Tank Paintball Battle

Tank Paintball Battle
Tank Paintball Battle Tank Paintball Battle

You form part of a 3 man team, and with some guidance from your instructor you will be transformed into an elite tank crew greasing the gears of paintball warfare! Each person learning how to Drive the tank, Aim the paintball cannon fitted to the turret and Load the breach.

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On arrival you will be issued with your uniform and a helmet to ensure 100% combat efficiency. Then you will be introduced to your crew, instructor and 'home' for the next couple of hours, 1 of our 15, turreted FV432 tanks. After a briefing on the vehicle you will take it in turns to drive around the World War II bombing range, sounds easy? Then try driving with only a periscope to see through! When your nerves have settled a little, its time for target practice! First you will master the art of Aiming the 40mm cannon fitted in the turret of the tank and then test your speed as try the loaders position.

After discussing some battle tactics it's time to get the adrenalin pumping and make your crew proud, taking on the enemy in a tank paintball battle!

  • Lutterworth - Leicestershire
  • Minimum Age  - 16 years
  • Maximum Height - 6ft 4' / 193 cm
  • Maximum Weight - 22 stone / 140 kg
  • Sensible footwear is required as it is an outdoor event
  • Duration - Approx 2 hours

  • Gift vouchers are valid for a full 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Availability - Saturdays, Sundays and selected Wednesdays April to October.
Additional Information
  • Extra Passengers - £20.00 per passenger subject to availability, maximum of 2 passengers (minimum age 8 years). All passengers also gain FREE museum entry!
  • This activity is weather dependent
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