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Caterham ::

Rough, raw and very fast!

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Three Car Hot Lap
Three Car Hot Lap - from £105 (2Laps)...
From: £105.00
Ex Tax: £87.50
Four Car Hot Lap
Four Car Hot Lap - from £135 (2 Laps)...
From: £135.00
Ex Tax: £112.50
Five Car Hot Laps
Five Car Hot Laps - from £165 (2 Laps)...
From: £165.00
Ex Tax: £137.50
Caterham Hot Laps
Caterham Hot Laps - from £45 (2 Laps)...
From: £45.00
Ex Tax: £37.50
Ultimate Supercar Blast Inc. Hot Lap - Heyford Park
Ultimate Supercar Blast Inc. Hot Lap - Heyford Park - Now just £139!...
From: £150.00
Ex Tax: £125.00
Additional Information::

As with its Lotus Seven precursors, Caterhams are constructed of aluminium sheet attached to a tubular steel chassis. Nosecone and wings are either GRP or carbon fibre depending on specification. All Sevens are front engined with rear-wheel drive and two seats. Their extremely high performance is achieved through light weight (less than 500 kg on some versions) rather than particularly powerful engines. As well as a lightweight chassis and bodywork, Caterham Sevens achieve their very low mass through their lack of comfort and safety oriented features such as a fixed roof, doors, radio, air-conditioning, airbags, traction/stability control, ABS, satellite navigation or cruise control. As a result, the Seven is somewhat limited in its practicality for everyday usage and is instead recognised by driving enthusiasts for its focus on driving enjoyment, making it an ideal track/race car or 'Sunday' car.