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Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 Driving Experiences Car

Gallardo LP-560

Putting 202bhp through all four wheels, this Gallardo is pure entertainment in a compact package. Possibly one of Lamborghini’s most understated looking cars, the Gallardo (pronounced guy-ard-o!) LP-560 turns heads with its roaring engine as it shoots up to 60mph in 4.7 seconds and tops out at 202mph. 

This beast is fun to throw sideways or just go flat out down the straights. Either way, you’ll be smiling afterwards! Experience the Gallardo LP-560 in one of our Ultimate Lamborghini Driving Experience days or Supercar Driving Experience packages.

Lamborghini Performance LP-570 Driving Experiences Car

Performante LP-570

Lamborghini thought they could improve on the LP-560, so they chopped off the roof, stuck on a spoiler and sliced the 0-60 time down to 3.9 seconds. This results in a recipe for (literal!) hair-raising, top-down fun!

Give the Performante LP-570 a go in one of our Ultimate Lamborghini Driving Experience days or Supercar Driving Experience packages.

Lamborghini Huracan Driving Experiences Car


One of Lamborghini’s newest offerings, the Huracan lives up its namesake as a raging hurricane of power, noise and strikingly handsome looks. Putting down 610bhp through all of its wheels, the Huracan will take you to 60mph in a mind-boggling 2.9 seconds and top out at 202mph. 

If you haven’t got the £155,000 to spare to get your own, why not get behind the wheel of one of ours in the Ultimate Lamborghini Driving Experiences or Supercar Driving Experience packages!



Top-of-the-line with the looks to show it. The Aventador is carving its name into supercar legends one horsepower at a time. In fact, with 700 horses, this thing could well turn back time given the chance!

The most powerful car in our fleet, the £300,000 Aventador doesn’t mess around. With a 2.9 second 0-60 time and a mind-bending 217mph top speed, this car will make the day, week and year of any petrolhead lucky enough to get behind the wheel.

Luckily, you can do just that in our Ultimate Lamborghini Driving Experience day or any Diamond Supercar Driving Package. Just pick a product from below…

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