The Lamborghini Revuelto is here…

March 29, 2023
The Revuelto is the Italians’ latest step into the electric era and the hybrid supercar generates 1000bhp...

The much anticipated Aventador successor from Lamborghini has arrived.

The Revuelto is the Italians’ latest step into the electric era and the hybrid supercar generates 1000bhp, reaching 0-62mph in an eye-watering 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 217mph.

It achieves this thanks to its trio of electric motors – one for the gearbox and two for the front wheels – and its 814bhp V12 engine.

It features a new 8-speed gearbox, has shed some of its unnecessary weight from its predecessor and is more powerful, so if someone buys this for its range on electricity, they’d be disappointed as it only has an EV range of around six miles.

In another party piece, the rear electric motor and the twin clutch gearbox also means it’s possible for the Revuelto to be driving different gears at the same time.

The new carbon fibre tub also features a front crash structure – a world first in a road car.

In terms of looks, its unmistakably Lamborghini. The trademark ‘wedge’ appearance is dominant but the new-look headlights underneath the bonnet overhang and the visible radar sensors give it an almost military feel. There are also huge air intakes along the side with the usual deployable spoiler to the rear and a sneak peak of the engine through a small gap in the carbon fibre rear cover.

Inside, the interior is obviously more high-tech than the Aventador with the Revuelto boasting bigger, well, everything.

The central touchscreen, passenger side screen and digital instruments are all grander in size, with most driving controls integrated into the steering wheel.

And last but not least, it’ll be the first Lamborghini to feature pop-out cupholders. It’s the small things.

According to Lamborghini, the first two years of production are already sold out. With no price yet released, it’s been confirmed that it will cost more than the Aventador SVJ.

Next up, attention will shift to the Italian manufacturers’ upcoming replacement for the Huracan due at the end of next year.

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