The Bugatti Bolide explodes into testing…

April 25, 2023
There are only 40 of the Bolide being made but with the promise of never-before-seen motorsport performance...


The Bugatti Bolide is in the next phase of testing as anticipation continues to build for the French manufacturer’s most insane model ever.

There are only 40 of the Bolide being made but with the promise of never-before-seen motorsport performance, tracks around the world are prepping their starting grids in eagerness.

It was unveiled as a concept back in 2020, but it took a step into reality this week as it entered the next stage of development testing.

The quad-turbo W16 engine is nothing new, but Bugatti have built the lightest car around it, with the body designed to leverage as much downforce as possible while weighing just 1,240kg.

The track-only Bolide has been designed with one thing in mind – speed. And the stats really do back that up.

The engine? 8 litres and 1,578bhp. That’s the same as the Chiron Super Sport. What’s scary is that it could reach 1,825bhp but Bugatti states that fuel availability was the issue.

0-62mph? Not important. Why? It gets from 0-311mph in 20 seconds.

I know, right?

The hypercar sits just under 1cm above the ground as it sits on the same Michelin slicks as those racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, and the new braking system use heat-resistant carbon-on-carbon brakes that must be warmed before use – a la F1.

The car has been at the forefront of technology since its conception in 2020, shown by no less than the amount of 3D printing and biomimicry used in its design.

This is show in elements like its printed titanium aero that thin outer walls and hollow structure inside – like the bones of a skeleton.

‘Bolide’ in French translates to ‘racing car’ in English. Perhaps more apt, is that, in English, a bolide is a meteor that explodes in the atmosphere.

For an expected price of over £3,500,000, it will make a big bang in the wallet but an even bigger explosion on the track.

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