The final BMW of an era is nearly here…

April 28, 2023
BMW’s last ever ICE car from its M division is almost here and it’s here with a point to prove...



BMW’s last ever ICE car from its M division is almost here and it’s here
with a point to prove.

The M2 will begin its delivery rollout in May and the redesigned rear-wheel drive coupe will retail for around £66,000.

While that errs on the expensive side, the 2nd generation of the M2 snatches the torch of its predecessor and screams over the finish line for BMW’s M-Sport ICE race.

The 454bhp engine (up ten from the 1st generation) screams to 60mph in 4.1 seconds, but this is no pocket rocket. At 1750kg, the M2 now weighs the same as its ‘big brother’ M4.

So, why does it cost the same as a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS?

To reiterate, the M2 is essentially a slower and cheaper M4.

It’s the same, but different.

They both have the same twin turbo straight-six engine, but the M4 has nearly 50bhp more.

The wheels and tyres are identical, but the M2 has a teeny bit less sidewall.

The brakes, suspension and subframe? All the same.

It’s like those siblings at school that nobody believed were related, let alone twins.

Obviously, there are worse cars to replicate than the M4, but the M2 does try and at least develop its own identity.

It’s not as curvy as its predecessor, and it’s all grown up inside.

The now iconic red M pre-sets are present on the steering wheel for the first time, giving you a variety of modes to choose from, and the huge screen in the middle looks like it’s been pulled directly from the XM.

On start-up, that infamous light warble resonates around the street but, unfortunately, that’s as animalistic as it gets. It’s not the 1st generation, remember. It’s older, wiser, more mature.

It’s much more stable than before, some may say too stable for an M2, but with the new layout for the suspension system meaning the back is now softer and the front firmer, it’s not to be shunned.

It’s a proper car.

It possesses more finesse than the last model, and despite its size, it handles perfectly well.

But is that what we want for BMW’s final ICE M entry? A well-handled, sophisticated sports car?

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